Katherine Reuben

Position: Undergraduate RA
Email: katherine.reuben@gatech.edu

BS Psychology, 2019

Fun Fact About Me:
I have a website at did-research.org.

About Me

I am currently a 3rd year psychology major and intend to continue with my studies so that I can get a PhD and eventually research trauma and dissociation. I am especially interested in questions regarding structural dissociation of the personality and what factors, such as developmental disorders, may influence this process. Another focus of mine is community outreach and education.

I have been with the CoNTRoL lab since late 2014. When not engaging with psychology or research, I enjoy reading and creative writing.

Research Interests

Trauma, dissociation, autism spectrum disorders.


Reuben, K. E., Wells, C. L., Merlo, K. L., & Barrett, M. E. (2017, March). Dissociation in Non-Clinical Populations. Poster session presented at the annual meeting of the Georgia Psychological Association, Atlanta, GA.

Reuben, K. E., Helbling, A., & Smith, D. M. (2017, April). The Effect of Anodal Stimulation of Motor and Premotor Regions on Response Conflict: An Update. Poster session presented at the annual Callosum Conference at GSU/GT Center for Advanced Brain Imaging, Atlanta, GA.