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Christine Godwin’s Mind Wandering Research Spotlighted in Tech News

Georgia Tech News Center covered Christine Godwin‘s research with an article on the possible benefits of mind wandering, or day dreaming. If you consider yourself a daydreamer, take a peek of the article here!

The article includes snippets from interviews with Dr. Eric Schumacher and Christine Godwin; and a brief overview on some of the interesting findings about default mode network connectivity that we have reported in our lab’s recent publication in Neurophysiologica.

B.S. in Neuroscience Takes Off at Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech’s College of Sciences finally announces a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience to an enthusiastic response of 145 students enrolling into the major this fall.

Yeseul Heo, one of our own undergraduate research assistants at CoNTRoL, speaks about her switch to a B.S. in Neuroscience in the College of Sciences’ coverage of the news, which is also featured on the Georgia Tech News Center. The story gives extensive coverage from faculty and students’ perspectives on the creation and reception of the major to current neuroscience research taking place in the College of Sciences.

Savannah Cookson Defends Dissertation

Congratulations to Savannah Cookson! She successfully defended her dissertation on October 6, 2016. The title of her dissertation was ‘Investigating the Sub-Regional Organization of Prefrontal Cortex’. Her dissertation was committeed by Drs. David Badre, Dobromir Rahnev, Paul Verhaeghen, and Mark Wheeler, and chaired by Dr. Schumacher. She will graduate in December and then start a post-doc position at University of California, Berkeley with Dr. Mark D’Esposito.

Dr. Matt Bezdek Gives Invited Talk at Interacting Minds Centre Bootcamp

Dr. Matt Bezdek recently gave an invited talk at the Interacting Minds Centre Bootcamp at Aarhus University in Denmark. His talk was entitled “The engaged brain: Neuroimaging methods to measure the mind at the movies.” You can see the talk abstract, as well as information about the other sessions from the Bootcamp, at the event webpage.