Yunji Lee

Yunji Lee









Position: Ph.D Student, First Year


M.A. (2017) Psychology, Kyungpook National University, South Korea

Thesis: Individual differences in the neural mechanism of flexible cognitive control.

B.A. (2013) Psychology, Pusan National University, South Korea

Fun Fact About Me:
My future dream is to become a writer and to raise two cats and a Golden Retriever in a beautiful mansion.

About Me

I am currently a Ph.D student in the Cognition & Brain Science program.

Research Interests

  • Neural and behavioral mechanisms of flexible cognitive control.
  • Functional connectivity in the cognitive control network.
  • Hierarchical organization of the prefrontal cortex.

Publications & Presentations

  • Lee, Y., & Kim, C. (2019). The Role of Frontopolar Cortex in the Individual Differences in Conflict Adaptation. Neuroscience Letters, 705, 212-218.
  • Lee, Y.. & Kim, C. (2016). Changes of Proactive Cognitive Control According to Inter-Stimulus Intervals. Korean Journal of Cognitive and Biological Psychology, 28(1), 45-66.